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Cross Academy. A place where vampires and humans alike attend the same school seperated into two classes. The night class and the day class. The night class has a secret. A secret the day class must never find out.
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 Aiko Saki--new chracter--

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PostSubject: Aiko Saki--new chracter--   Aiko Saki--new chracter-- I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 3:35 pm

Aiko Saki--new chracter-- <a href=Aiko Saki--new chracter-- Fantasy_Girls_158" />
Name: Aiko Saki
Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthday: August 1
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 5.6
Hair Color: brown  
Eye Color: dark brown
Siblings: none
Father: n/a
Sexuality: straight
Work: office worker
Hobbies: listening to music and writing
Addictions: drawing
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Color: purple
Personality: bubbly
Fears: unknown

" Aiko please try to understand that we have to do this for your own good " Her mother repeated for the second time. Aiko kept drawing with her pencil in her sketch book, tracing hard lines of what she had already drawn. " You need help " her mother added.

" please Aiko try to understand our position " she heard the voice of the man she hated deeply, her mother had fallen in love with him after her father had completely disappeared when she was 10.

Aiko slammed the pencil in the table as she stood up resting her hands on the table " You have no say in this you are not my father and I will never see you as a father. So get it through your thick skull!" Aiko yelled coming close in to the mans face.

" Aiko I will not permit you to speak in that tone and not to him you know that all he has done for this family is good"  her mother snapped.

Hot flashes started to come up Aiko's feet all around the body as she saw the mans smirk " Wao mom he must me screwing you the right way" Aiko  answered sarcastically.

" Aiko ! what's got into you lately?!" he mother yelled as she rested one hand on her chest and the other on the mans hand.

" I 18 mom you cant choose what I want to do!!" she yelled.

" May I remind you Aiko that your independency was taking away from you when ..." he was interrupted by Aiko.

" That is non of you damn problem! I cant believe you told him!" she yelled as she slammed her hands in to the table making it shake.

" Aiko I had to I cant do this alone and you know this!" her mother tried to explain.

" Don't give that shit! you think am crazy! both of you!" she yelled as she had no answer from both of them.

" that's it isn't it you both think am crazy" she repeated.

" Aiko it will be good for you to go to this academy its safe for you and for your mother. The police are still trying to find the man that did that to you and It will best of you leave it will let you start a new life. " The man explained.

" the police will never find him he..." she was suddenly interrupted again.

" That is enough Aiko! Enough with you Vampire stories!!! that man that did that to you is normal psychopath! Now go up to your room and pack your stuff we are leaving now!" the man yelled as her mother flinched in her chair.

Aiko swallowed deeply and looked at her mother " That man rapped me and did things to me that you know are impossible and your going to just sit there and not say anything about it" Aiko stopped " With all you saw you think am crazy" Aiko added as tears rolled down her eyes.

Aiko looked at the man yelling at her and walked out at the kitchen, she ran up stairs slamming  the door behind her. The bathroom mirror suddenly was calling to her, she looked at her reflection as she began to let out soft inconsolable whimpers.
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Aiko Saki--new chracter--
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